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Roofing St Petersburg Testimonials

tile roof replacement

Mr. Chris Hloska
American Professional Roofing, Inc.
17018 Ongar Ct.
Land O Lakes, FL 34638

Dear Chris,

My wife, Marian and I want to give you one big Thank You for you and your teams excellent work in changing out our tile roof and everything else youve done for us. This was really a job well done by you guys and I know how difficult it must have been for you guys, having to deal with the solar paneling in our pool and the enclosure over the pool, but you guys pulled through and did some great work, simply fantastic. Not to mention, that metal roofing that keeps the pool pump out of harms way was an amazing addition. I cant believe the way you guys handled yourselves while dealing with the stuff outside of our home too. You did an excellent job ensuring the skylights, sprinklers, our air conditioner unit and driveway were kept safe. I know this stuff wasnt simple and you guys must have been frustrated with all the extra work.

My wife and I would be remiss, though, if we didnt mention your attentiveness and quick response to our queries, concerns and issues. Id never known such fast customer service, as soon as we brought our inquiries you were on top of them for us, being patient, helpful, and attentive to our needs. I was scratching my head over that hurricane mitigation form our insurance company wanted, but you helped me sort it all out. Im glad the data you gave us helped us validate the code requirements and that you were absolutely compliant regarding them, because Im already seeing the reductions in our insurance prices.

Sincerely yours,

Steven Komara

church roof repair

To: American Professional Roofing
RE: St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church

All of the Priests of St. Vincent de Paul church want to pass on their sincerest thanks to American Professional Roofing, Inc. The Pastor has seen many Parishes and hes worked with several companies providing roofing services across all of the United States. He was never impressed with another company so much as he was with yours. Your firms professionalism, attention to detail and reliability were unparalleled, according to him. And I must say I do wholeheartedly agree. Never have I known such a punctual, high quality service before in all my years. You ensured us through your initial evaluation that we had chosen the right firm, answering all our questions quickly and professionally. The Pastor and I were also very impressed with the cleanliness, before and after the job. Too many times businesses say that they will provide more than they actually can manage to do. You, on the other hand, almost sold yourself short, promising high quality, but never the best quality. Yet what we received was undoubtedly of the highest quality. I even recommended your business to parishioners, though Im normally hesitant to do so for any business, your impressive quality and service made the decision far too easy. You will no doubt be receiving more business from us, and we are hopeful that others will receive such amazing service as well, and thank you again for your revival of my faith in the roofing industry!

Mark Manko
Pastoral Associate/Administrator
St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church
Holiday, Fl 34690
727-938-1974 ext 101 Office
727-938-1975 Fax

Christopher,roofing St Petersburg

I have no qualms about recommending American Professional Roofing, Inc. for the installation of a new roof. Christopher Hloska gave me simple, easy to understand guidelines for what would be done and then they did it. These men are professional, beginning the work on time and ending on time. I was glad when they cleaned up everything just like they promised as well. Christopher made sure to accommodate our wishes as well, and for that I sincerely thank him.


Marjorie Brandt/90 years old

After a mini tropical depression, we got some pretty bad shingle damage on our roofflat repair and it became unbearable once the roof started leaking into our attic. I must have tried half a dozen companies, looking for anyone who could give me an estimate. Not a single one of them would come out and even tell me how much I could expect to pay. If they werent delayed a few days then we were just outside of their area. Except for one company: American Professional Roofing. They were fast, Chris came right out and gave us an estimate that I thought would be much higher. The next day he and his crew came out and started the repairs. They finished by that night and it was all top quality work. After that we decided to get a whole new roof altogether 5 months later, and we, of course, called American Professional Roofing, Inc again. Needless to say they did a great job, the best Ive ever seen on any part of this home. What I love most about this company though is that they are really, genuinely great people working with us. I can think of no company that I want to thank more!

Thank you so much again!

Victoria Setter-Escobar

Serving St. Petersburg Clients daily

I usually dont find the time when dealing with contractors to send a thank you, but after your companys stellar work I couldnt imagine forgetting this! So here it is: THANK YOU! For the great work and the excellent follow up from all the roofing jobs you did for me. Since Ive got a lot of properties out there- my 2 rental properties, two commercial ones (pre-schools if you remember them) and then my familys home I knew I needed a reliable roofing company. You guys fit the bill about a thousand times over. Im sure you guys thought I was a contractor a few times yourself, huh?
Anyway, Ive dealt with a lot of roofers in the past 20 years or so, especially near St. Petersburg. I guess I kind of had my standards down kind of low- like through the floor- after a while. The industry was just not up to par. Not until you guys, anyway. The quality materials and the workmanship you guys have was par none, and you finished faster than lightning.
My friends know Im pretty picky when it comes to quality, and Im sure you guys have probably figured that out too, since I keep sending all my friends over there because of your great work. I feel really great about referring people to you guys, though, because youve been the absolute best part of roofing St. Petersburg Ive seen.
Keep it up guys, Im rooting for you!Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. Hot smile
Keith Andrews
Pres. Kiddie Kollege Hyde Park Inc.
Tampa Fl

Dear Chris,

I am happy with the work your entire staff performed. Thanks alot for an exceptional job! I did my due diligence in echoosing from the bids received from all the roofing companies and I am pleased I selected your American Roofing Pros company and staff. You should know I will highly recommend your team to anyone I know wanting quality work. Thanks to you and your team, this was an easy task for me.

Thanks again,

Mark & Debbie Leiberick


New testimonial letter from Shari Morrison, roofers St Petersburg Fl.

We Only Care About Roofing St. Petersburg the Right Way

As you can see, we dont just do this for the money. Roofing repair St. Petersburg is truly meaningful to us. We want to provide quality roof repair thats leagues above our competitors on metal roof repair, flat roof repair, and other services for the best prices. St. Petersburg has helped us out over our 30 years in the area and we want to help her out! Grab the free estimate for roofing St. Petersburg today.

We do parks, churches, businesses of all kinds and residential- you name it, weve roofed it!


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